Activity books for the Kids – DaVita TMC office

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The Nashville office of DaVita (TMC) dropped off their donations to the The Nashville Children’s hospital who were excited and appreciative of the joint effort.

A HUGE thank you to DaVita and all it’s teammates for partnering with Backpacks From The Heart for the venture.

God Bless.

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A grand collection for multiple purposes…

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The New Lab in Deland gathered their collected items this morning, as other offices are doing in other cities and states…and I have to say I am both humbled and truly amazed.

The ask was for just some coloring books, crayons, and candy for the local Pediatric Cancer center so that the kids could have something to occupy their time while there, and so that the nurses could hand the children a piece of candy after their treatments so as to get rid of the bitter taste that chemotherapy leaves, and this group of amazing DaVita men and women took the word “Philanthropy” to a whole new level in their donations.

These gifts will not only be able to help here, but will be organized and sorted out to help out with the homeless in the annual trek, as well as other endeavors that are coming down the pike…

As noted, other local offices (and even an actual Dialysis center) is adding to this collection, the Nashville corporate office that did such an amazing job on the fall drive will be reporting their collections in the next few days, and I understand that at least one other corporate office has caught wind of this effort and is pairing up with a local Pediatric Cancer center in their respective areas to help.

There are no words that can begin to show the level of gratitude for the effort performed by the men and women of DaVita for what they’ve done…”Thank You” just doesn’t do it justice…

God Bless.

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Coloring/activity book drive for the local Pediatric Cancer Hospital.

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The DeLand, Florida crew at DaVita standing in front of two of the several donation baskets that are set up for the Easter candy and coloring/activity books drive that will be going to the local Pediatric Cancer Hospital.

It is my understanding that because of the visibility of this, similar efforts are underway in other DaVita corporate locations across the country as we team up to help everywhere we can.

A HUGE thank you to DaVita and all it’s team members for their support!!!

God bless.

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Christmas with the Homeless, 2017

Christmas coming a day early down here for the homeless as a shared YouTube video gave us the conceptual idea to see if we can do the same to spread a little bit of God‘s love here this holiday season…when the gift wrap was made visible, the crowd quickly emerged and sadly our gifts were only able to put a small dent in an overwhelming number that encircled is, but we did what we could for 40 of our brothers and sisters.

While the food and drinks will obviously be short-lived, hopefully the pillow can be used to give comfort during the daytime from hard concrete surface and be rolled up at night time as a pillow to rest their weary heads.

And with the McDonald’s gift cards, maybe they can feel even a brief sense of normalcy, being able to go in and order something to eat or drink, a warm meal and a place to sit and relax a bit.

God Bless, and Merry Christmas one and all.

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Candy for the Kids – The Delivery…

Great job yesterday…

With DaVita’s teammates and guest teammates stepping up in a major way, Backpacks from the Heart was able to donate 126 POUNDS of candy to The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial in Nashville Tennessee, a piece to be given to each of the kids after their chemotherapy treatments.

Way to go Matthew, and THANK YOU to all that helped donate. Your generous actions will bring a smile of relief to countless small children for many months.

God Bless.



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Candy for the Kids – Davita TMC office


Guest teammate Tanuja Bodugam proudly showing off one of the many baskets that were put out in the DaVita Nashville office to collect candy which will be donated to The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial.

Currently over 25 lbs has been collected in just a couple day’s time, and efforts are spreading to other local groups that want to chip in and help.

A heart-felt thank you to Tanuja, to DaVita, and to all the Nashville DaVita crew for stepping up and helping to touch lives for the better.

God Bless.



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Candy 4 The Kids


A HUGE “thank you” to DaVita and it’s teammates for partnering up with Backpacks from the Heart in an effort to help out the kids at The Chidren’s Hospital at Tristar Centennial in Nashville…

We can do AMAZING things we we open our eyes to the opportunities that lay all around us and our hearts to those in need…

God Bless

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip…

Day 2 finds us in another area, collection and sorting of donation items.

With many families left literally empty-handed, the generosity of neighbors and stores giving what culminates to a warehouse full of items speaks volumes to the nature and the goodness of the human spirit.

So many people working together in so many different avenues, from first responders out saving lives, cleanup tasks taking care of destroyed homes, donation preparedness and organization to help get people move forward and feeling at ease, and the eventual rebuild effort that will start to take place – many small clusters of people coming together to show what the American spirit is truly like, one family helping one, brother and sister doing whatever they can and in every avenue possible to help those in need – make no mistake, this IS America defined.


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Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip…

Day 1, House #2 that Backpacks from the Heart helped with on…

The house sat completely underwater for more than 5 days, and the owners made the decision that it will be leveled, so while we didn’t need to pull drywall, all items within the house were removed…


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Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip…

Day 1, House #1 that Backpacks from the Heart helped with on…



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