Christmas with the Homeless, 2017

Christmas coming a day early down here for the homeless as a shared YouTube video gave us the conceptual idea to see if we can do the same to spread a little bit of God‘s love here this holiday season…when the gift wrap was made visible, the crowd quickly emerged and sadly our gifts were only able to put a small dent in an overwhelming number that encircled is, but we did what we could for 40 of our brothers and sisters.

While the food and drinks will obviously be short-lived, hopefully the pillow can be used to give comfort during the daytime from hard concrete surface and be rolled up at night time as a pillow to rest their weary heads.

And with the McDonald’s gift cards, maybe they can feel even a brief sense of normalcy, being able to go in and order something to eat or drink, a warm meal and a place to sit and relax a bit.

God Bless, and Merry Christmas one and all.

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