A grand collection for multiple purposes…

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The New Lab in Deland gathered their collected items this morning, as other offices are doing in other cities and states…and I have to say I am both humbled and truly amazed.

The ask was for just some coloring books, crayons, and candy for the local Pediatric Cancer center so that the kids could have something to occupy their time while there, and so that the nurses could hand the children a piece of candy after their treatments so as to get rid of the bitter taste that chemotherapy leaves, and this group of amazing DaVita men and women took the word “Philanthropy” to a whole new level in their donations.

These gifts will not only be able to help here, but will be organized and sorted out to help out with the homeless in the annual trek, as well as other endeavors that are coming down the pike…

As noted, other local offices (and even an actual Dialysis center) is adding to this collection, the Nashville corporate office that did such an amazing job on the fall drive will be reporting their collections in the next few days, and I understand that at least one other corporate office has caught wind of this effort and is pairing up with a local Pediatric Cancer center in their respective areas to help.

There are no words that can begin to show the level of gratitude for the effort performed by the men and women of DaVita for what they’ve done…”Thank You” just doesn’t do it justice…

God Bless.

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